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Get Whole Home Remodeling Sonoma County

Whole Home Remodeling Contractor In Santa Rosa And Sonoma County

Get Whole Home Remodeling Sonoma County

As families grow, change, and adapt, they often find that their home no longer fits their needs: more children come along, or the kids are grown and are leaving home. Aging parents may move in with their adult children and grandchildren to blend into a multi-generational household. An accident or illness now requires wheelchair access into and within the home.

There are many factors that can suddenly change your lifestyle and create the need to change the functionality, accessibility, safety and comfort of your home. Selling and relocating is not an option if you love the house and the neighborhood. It’s often much costlier to move than it is to consider a more effective solution: whole home remodeling in Sonoma County.

What is Whole-Home Remodeling?

A whole-home remodel can, on a basic level, give you a brand-new house and allow you to stay in the same home and neighborhood you have loved for years. By removing walls to create bigger rooms and maximize space, you can efficiently upgrade the entire look and feel of the house. A whole-home remodel often includes combining the kitchen, dining room and / or living room into an open ‘great room.’ Many times, homeowners will remodel the master bedroom and master bathroom into a “master suite” and upgrade the guest rooms, powder room, laundry or family room at the same time. For multi-generational families living together, a Universal Design with curbless showers, wider doors for wheelchairs or walkers, and cabinets and countertops that allow access to all sizes and abilities can be incorporated into the overall remodel. An older home can be upgraded with new plumbing or electrical systems, ‘green’ (or sustainable) options like solar and other energy efficiencies, and ‘smart home’ features.

One Contract with Whole Home Remodeling and the Design Build Process

When you’re using LEFF Construction Design Build for your home remodeling project in Sonoma County, there is a single point of contact, and one construction contract, rather than multiple contracts with various architects, designers or sub-contractors. LEFF Construction Design Build coordinates all aspects of the project from start to finish.

One Company, One Team

Our Design Build team coordinates architects, designers, estimators, sub-contractors and vendors under one roof at the LEFF Design Center in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County). The team works together to insure your project comes in on budget and on time, and is a beautiful and functional reflection of your vision of how you want to live in your home.

Expertise and Experience Bonus

LEFF Construction Design Build brings 40 years of experience to the table for award-winning design and construction. Your whole home remodeling in Sonoma County can significantly benefit from a team that has spent decades together perfecting their process to benefit you and your family in the home you love.

Save Money

When you choose a home remodeling project using LEFF’s Design Build method, there are many creative budgeting and design techniques (value engineering) that are used to balance costs while achieving the highest quality results. And studies who that Design Build delivery methods are 33 percent faster overall, and cost six percent less than the traditional Design-Bid-Build method.

Start Your Remodeling Project Today

Are you ready to maximize the potential of your home through a whole home remodeling in Sonoma County? It’s time to talk to LEFF Construction Design Build. Contact us today to set up an appointment to go over your needs and wants.

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