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To Find Great Home Remodeling Contractors in Sonoma County, Just Follow These Four Easy Steps

To Find Great Home Remodeling Contractors in Sonoma County, Just Follow These Four Easy Steps

There are plenty of great home remodeling contractors in Sonoma County, if you know how to look for them.  Once you find a company you are considering for your whole home remodel, you’ll need to learn much more about them other than the beautiful photos on their Project Portfolio.  You’ll need to determine whether a design-build firm will fit your needs, and whether you as a client will fit their way of doing business and delivering their projects and services.

Four Steps to Finding Great Home Remodeling Contractors in Sonoma County

  1. Understand your project

Before you even start looking for contractors, you should know why you want to remodel:  is your home outdated? Cramped? Lacking in privacy? Is the family growing and requiring more space, or, have the kids left the home and you’d like to covert bedrooms to an office or hobby space? The better you understand your own needs or the ‘pains’ that underly your desire to remodel, the clearer you can articulate your vision for the project to a prospective home remodeling contractor.  And the easier it will be to find a company that can deliver a successful project completion the perfectly fits how you want to live in your home.

  1. What to look for in a Home Remodeling Design Build Contractor

If you’re reading this article, you’ve most likely begun your online research to find a home remodeling contractor in Sonoma County.  A reputable design-build firm must be licensed, bonded and insured for your area. Look for a professionally photographed project portfolio with project narratives that explain their process or procedures for different types of remodel projects. A Team page that lists the designers, superintendents, project managers and other expert staff will inform you about their professionalism, areas of expertise and skills, and longevity in their field.

  1. Check up on their credentials 

Even if a contractor has a great website or portfolio, you want to vet them for any complaints or service issues.  You can contact the California licensing board for contractors and see if they have any complaints about the contractors you’re looking at. If the design build firm has actual client testimonials on their website, or a professional rating system like, this is also a good way to assess the experience that other clients have had with the company.

  1. Make an appointment to discuss your project

When you’ve found a design-build contractor you’d like to explore further, call and make an appointment to meet and discuss your project. Come prepared with a list (see #1 above) of the issues, ‘pains’ or ideas you have for your remodel. Be prepared to talk about your budget for the project. For more information about questions to ask yourself before you begin your home remodeling project, see this article.

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