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Lic. #521133
6791 Sebastopol Ave #140
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Worth Every Penny…Quality Was Superb

Worth Every Penny…Quality Was Superb

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They did everything so well that they didn’t even need a punchlist. If you ever want to hire someone, hire these guys. I was most satisfied with the staff onsite and their expertise of the actual finished product. The carpenters (Mark & Eric), themselves, managed everything beautifully. They were good about ordering the materials that had to be onsite and they were always here when they said they would be here. They never missed a day and there were never delays.  From beginning to end, the quality was superb. LEFF Construction is worth every penny. It was just a pleasure to work with them all. They really did what contractors are supposed to do which is be the advocate for the homeowner in dealing with all of the subcontractors.

Geri & Bill Santa Rosa January 4, 2017

Sonoma County Construction