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LEFF Architect Maximized Our Investment

LEFF Architect Maximized Our Investment

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We found Leff to be highly organized and professional from start to finish. Their process of having all key team members sit down together with clients to talk over what’s wanted, and then having all return to sit down and discuss design ideas and building plans, is brilliant!  At these gatherings, we quickly learned what was possible, how it could look, how much it would cost, and how it would all come together. Through this process, and the later sharing of a detailed set of construction plans and a thoughtfully crafted timeline and contract, we developed confidence that all would go well with our project.  We had virtually no problems that required addressing. On the short list of pick-up work needed at project’s end, everything was completed quickly and well. We can’t think of any area in which Leff fell short. Indeed, Leff surpassed our expectations in virtually every area. In terms of process, it’s clear to us that the inherent smoothness and cohesiveness of the design-build model was an outstanding way to get what we wanted done with a minimum amount of stress and no surprises. We also thought that all the people we dealt with at Leff were not just knowledgeable and good at their jobs, but exceedingly helpful and personable. We truly enjoyed the process. Jon and Gerardo were outstanding on the job – real artists in their attention to detail, and such nice guys as well. If we could, we would adopt you all!

Gary & Teresa H. Petaluma, CA June 2015 December 20, 2016

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