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Kenwood Contemporary Wine Country Kitchen Remodel

Kenwood Contemporary Wine Country Kitchen Remodel

Our clients, a busy professional couple with two pre-teen children, purchased this rural property for weekend getaways with family and for entertaining guests and colleagues. The original kitchen was tucked into a corner of the home. They wanted a bright, open space with plenty of room for gathering and cooking around a large island.They needed a separate yet accessible seated dining area as well. We raised the roof and let the sun in over their new kitchen, which is now the very center of the home. The clients are thrilled with their new family retreat.

Make The Kitchen the Center of the Home
The existing floor plan placed the kitchen to the left of both front entrances, through another doorway, and behind a wall. The clients desired a great room feel, with an entry directly into the kitchen/gathering space. They wanted a large kitchen island with several stools for pouring and tasting wine immediately upon entering the space. The island would also serve as a roomy, casual dining area for the children and their friends.

Have A Spacious, Bright and Open Kitchen For Entertaining Family and Guests
The original space was dark, with the kitchen tucked into a corner and sectioned off by walls. The small, tight space made it difficult to cook while visiting with family or guests. The clients’ top priority was for the kitchen to be spacious enough for everyone to gather while preparing meals for entertaining or in-kitchen dining.

Create Intimate Yet Open Dining Area for Sit-Down Dinners
The clients often entertain colleagues, and needed a dining room for seated, formal dinner parties. They wanted the space to be intimate while still retaining an open feel. By keeping the area open, it could also serve for more casual family suppers gathered around the table.

Update The Kitchen to Reflect Their Design Aesthetic
The original kitchen did not suit the clients’ design aesthetic, which leaned more toward clean, simple lines, a white pallet with limited dark accents, and modern appliances and storage solutions. Because this is a weekend home, they wanted a low-maintenance space with easy to clean surfaces.

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