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Bennett Valley Whole Home Remodel

Bennett Valley Whole Home Remodel

In this whole home remodel by the LEFF team, the property is accessed via a long driveway; the residence presents itself as a classic, single-story ranch style home. The ground level floor is the main story of the home; the lower level hugs the hill and allows for entry onto the sloping backyard. The previous owner performed several DIY remodeling projects on the house, which resulted in an inconsistent design aesthetic throughout the rooms. The new owners desired an elegant, neutral color scheme, with upgraded fixtures and finishes, and wanted a lot of texture in their tile and stone selections.

The lighting and storage in the kitchen was insufficient, and the layout did not take advantage of the large, western-facing windows leading to the full deck outside and views of the valley and mountains. A wall of kitchen cabinets created a cramped, closed-in feel. Because the clients loved to cook and entertain, we created a larger kitchen and “great room“ by removing the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Custom kitchen cabinets with storage features to delight any chef were installed, and a closet was converted to a pantry. The layout was reconfigured to allow better flow while cooking; even washing the dishes was made much more enjoyable by relocating the sink to overlook the western view. The clients have several rescue dogs, so scratch resistant, easy-to-clean flooring was installed throughout the kitchen and other main rooms of the house. With the removal of the wall between kitchen and dining room, the larger interior space now feels more expansive and connected to the the exterior deck.

The clients wanted the large bay window in the master bathroom, and the window in front of the guest bathroom tub, to be covered over for privacy. The resulting spa-inspired bathrooms are now not only private, but fit the clients‘ aesthetic for multi-texture tiles and upgraded fixtures.

The couple preferred a classically elegant yet cozy master bedroom. We removed a mirrored closet to expand the space, and converted the coffered ceiling and skylights to a flat ceiling with recessed lighting.

Both clients enjoy casual entertaining, movie-watching and video games; the lower-level was upgraded to a den with a hidden big screen TV.

The clients have several cars, and were using tents as temporary carports. We added two garage bays to the existing garage to house the cars and provide extra storage space.

With this whole home remodel, the clients have their space designed and built to perfectly suit their new lifestyle.

Read the Client Testimonial here:  https://leffconstruction.com/testimonial/6619/

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