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MAY is National Home Improvement Month

MAY is National Home Improvement Month

Don’t sell the house…remodel instead!

May is “National Home Improvement Month” and springtime is the perfect time to start planning your home remodeling project. There are lots of reasons why a whole-home or major remodel project might be a great alternative to selling your house:

  • You’re an Empty Nester with who loves your home and neighborhood; you don’t want to sell OR move, but your house no longer fits your family’s needs.
    • Consider converting the kids’ rooms to office or hobby spaces.
    • Combine two bedrooms to a single guest suite with an added bathroom.
    • Remain-in-Place with a Universal Design remodel that makes your home safe, accessible and functional.
  • You love to entertain, but the kitchen is too small, or it’s isolated from the rest of the house by a wall.
    • Mr. Smith….tear down that wall! Make a great room by opening it up and creating one big space for family and friends to cook, visit, lounge.
    • He cooks, She cooks…but never together because the kitchen is cramped. Reconfigure a space fit for a chef…or two. Add a large kitchen island, a big cooktop, a wine cellar or a nice, new pantry.
    • Move it outside: build an outdoor kitchen with a grill/cooktop, a wood-burning oven for pizza and roasted meats, and a bar with beer taps and a wine cooler.
  • Adult kids, grandchildren and other family and friends live far away now:
    • Convert two bedrooms to a Guest Suite with a new bathroom for visitors on extended stays
  • Create an in-law unit within your home’s floor plan:
    • Multi-generational living is on the rise as affordable housing decreases.
Guest Suite attached to new home built by LEFF Construction Design Build

Guest Suite attached to new home built by LEFF Construction Design Build

Every home has a story…is it time to write the next chapter for yours?

To get started on planning your home remodeling project, fill out our Design-Build Survey, contact us  or check out more information on LEFF Construction Design Build:

  1. For a Self-Assessment Survey that helps you determine whether Design Build is a good process for your project, click here. (The Survey will send your answers back to you so you have them when you meet with your Design Team.)
  2. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions that are important to ask of your Design Build firm, click here.
  3. Read a step-by-step outline of the Design Build Process.
  4. Have a question? Ask one of our Design Build experts here.

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