Clients for Life – LEFF Video Testimonial

Clients for Life – LEFF Video Testimonial

Many of our projects are whole-home remodels, large projects that are a big commitment on the part of the clients. Our team is committed too, and we invest a lot of focused time and talent to make sure the project, and the client experience, is the absolute best it can be.

Because a whole-home remodel may take months to complete,  clients and our staff truly do become like family. We get to know your family, the kids and grandkids, and even your pets.  If your neighbors stop by to see what’s going on with your remodeling project and strike up a conversation with our guys, we become acquainted with them, too. Everyone involved in a project is in constant communication, which is the most critical part of our relationship with our clients and their families and friends.

So, it’s very gratifying to have clients who are so happy with their whole-home remodel that they cheerfully agreed to be subjected to lights, camera, and action over an 8-hour TV commercial shoot! It was a lot of work being TV stars, but Jill and Jochem were game for anything, and it was a really fun day.

We’re very grateful to Jill and Jochem for their testimonial of their client experience with us. It was definitely our pleasure to work with them as well.

PS: A cool ending to the story: Jill and Jochem’s daughter-in-law now works for us here at LEFF, as a Project Manager. Talk about keeping it all in the family!

Jochem, Jill, and one of our senior designers, Candice, in their respective roles of Satisfied Clients and Awesome LEFF Team Member — truth in advertising!

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